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Massage therapy is said to have a long history among different cultures around the world, it includes several techniques, and the type given depends on a person’s needs and physical condition. Our different types of massage therapy are used for a variety of health related purposes, including; rehabilitating sports injuries, relieving pain, reducing stress, addressing depression and anxiety, increase relaxation and aid general wellness, it assists in the treatment of muscle spasms, trigger points, and usually lasts for 30 minutes to two hours. Our therapists perform this service by rubbing and manipulating the muscles as well as other soft tissues of the body, with their hands and fingers, elbows,  and forearms.

We deliver massage therapy service in a variety of settings depending on our client’s choice, including their private offices, homes, sports and fitness facilities to mention but a few, with the idea of providing a calm and soothing environment. We always ensure to learn about the medical history of our new clients before administering this service, and also carry out evaluation usually through touch, to enable us locate painful areas to help us determine how much pressure to apply on them. Our massage therapy consists of, but not limited to; MRT, Guasha, Trigger Point Therapy and PNF stretching, performed by our licensed massage therapist to increase ROM and improve functionality.


This is a form of body work that involves the use of soft tissue massage, to stretch and massage connective tissues or fascia. Our MRT involves unwinding the fascia, and rebalancing the human body through the release of tension in the fascia. Our therapist employ the use of long, stretching stroke in releasing muscular tension, which helps to relieve pain and tension caused by injury and stress. By releasing tension, the muscle is freed and allowed to move easily and effectively.


The guasha is a form of Chinese therapy that involves scraping of the skin to produce light petechiae. The essence of administering guasha is to release unhealthy bodily matter from the blood stasis within the tired, stiff or injured areas of the muscle, in order to stimulate new oxygenated flow of blood to those areas, thereby promoting metabolic cell repair, healing, regeneration and recovery. In delivering this therapy, our therapists ensure the scraping of our client’s skin using short or long strokes to help stimulate the microcirculation of the soft tissues, which aids the flow of blood. They make the strokes using a smooth edged tool called a GUA massage tool. They simply apply massage oil to client’s skin, and then use the tool to scrape skin repeatedly in a downward motion; guasha is mainly performed on the neck, back, buttocks, arms and legs. This form of therapy is important as it reduces inflammation, it is used to treat sicknesses like arthritis and fibromyalgia, which are capable of causing chronic pains to the human body.


The muscles of the human body possesses a kind of potential trigger points that can be activated simply by muscle overuse, electrolyte imbalances, inflammation, infections, trauma and nerve pain. Muscles with these active trigger points are often weaker than normal muscles. We offer this form of massage therapy by applying direct pressure to specific areas on tender muscle tissues, to allow for a reduction in the muscle tension and relief pain. Our trigger point therapist is familiar with the location of trigger points for affected muscles and they are also highly skilled in treating them.


This is an advanced and highly effective form of flexibility therapy, our therapist builds the PNF on a series of exercises which focuses on stretching, to contract then relax the stiff muscles in the body. We perform this form of therapy to re-educate our clients on the safest and natural ways of moving their bodies. The primary benefit of PNF is to make our clients develop the body-mind awareness, because the body often exerts more strength than requires in performing simple tasks. Hence PNF will allow our clients to think before moving.

At Pain Free Chiropractor we guarantee a professional resort-quality massage as well as facial services to our clients in a convenient and affordable way. We believe that regular massage and skin therapy services reduces stress, increases relaxation and helps to manage pain,  which makes us the best option for people who desire to maintain their health and wellness. Through our treatments, we improve lives on a daily basis by increasing levels of positivity and vitality. In addition to our wide variety of massage and facial therapy services, we guarantee an experience enhancing elevations capable of taking services to new heights and further increasing the therapeutic benefits of our services.

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