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We Treat Sports Injuries

As an athlete, you already know the amount of stress that sports (whether professional, recreational, or somewhere in between) can put on your body.

Running, jumping, throwing, catching, and tackling can all put you at risk for injury, whether these types of activities are occasional or part of your daily life.

Unlike solo exercise, sports often combine high speed, collisions, equipment, or a combination of the three. And with so much protective gear, some athletes fail to exercise caution when playing their sport of choice.

At Pain Free Chiropractic, we understand that fitness is one of the major reasons athletes participate in sports. By treating sports injuries at their root cause—and as soon as possible—you can set a solid foundation that allows you to keep jumping, throwing, and running as long as you want.


Common Sports Injuries

Sports injuries can occur at any time when participating in a sport and every part of the body can be affected.

Some of the most common sports injuries are:

  • Neck & Spine Injuries – whiplash, neck strain, overextension
  • Back & Spine Injuries – slipped disc, stress fracture, nerve damage, muscle strain
  • Arm Injuries – Dislocation, overextension, tennis elbow, sprained wrist
  • Leg, Ankle, & Foot Injuries – Hyperextension, shin splints, sprained ankle, pulled or sprained ligaments, pulled groin, pulled hamstring.

Children can be especially at-risk of sports injuries, as they are still developing their balance and coordination and often play contact sports with kids much bigger and heavier than they are.

Chiropractic care can do wonders in treating children’s sports injuries, as most parents are unwilling to resort to medications or surgery when treating young people.


Treating the Pain or Treating the Injury?

Traditional medicine first aims to treat the pain surrounding your injury, usually with a combination of medication and rest.

Chiropractic care aims to restore the body to its proper alignment so your entire musculoskeletal system can work the way it’s designed.

Chiropractic adjustments increase blood flow to the affected areas, speeding up the healing process and reducing inflammation. Chiropractic patients often see faster symptom relief with no side effects.

Woman holding knee after bike accident

How Our Chiropractor Can Help

Ice and rest can do a lot for many sports injuries, but chiropractic care closes that gap so you can get back on your feet in less time.

At Pain Free Chiropractic, we have a holistic method of treating sports injuries. Depending on your injury, we use one or a combination of treatment options to provide healing and wellness.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Correcting spinal misalignment is a natural, holistic, and drug-free way to provide healing after a sports injury.

By restoring proper alignment to the spine, not only can your doctor treat many sports injuries but help prevent them in the future. Chiropractic adjustments take unnecessary strain off your muscles, tendons, and ligaments and help the entire body work better.


Whether your injury was caused by a tackle or a Toyota, it’s likely that your spine was not the only part of your body affected.

Massage therapy as a treatment for pain and injury has a long history, but it’s just as useful today as it was centuries ago. By dissolving tension in the muscles, we can decrease pain and inflammation, while increasing flexibility and supporting the healing process.


Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to treat injuries and illnesses and many professional athletes still use it today as a way to recuperate from the rigors of intense, daily training as well as from the acute pain of a sports injury.

In addition to reducing inflammation and pain, acupuncture can speed up healing of injuries to the bones, muscles, and ligaments.



Chiropractic care can be extremely valuable for daily maintenance, improved stamina & enhanced flexibility. Chiropractic care is also vital for the treatment and faster recovery of sports-related injuries, aches, and pains.

If you’re interested in chiropractic care for yourself or your child, get in contact with us today. We’d be glad to help with sports injuries or injury prevention.

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